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A bottle of El Sueño Coffee Tequila Liqueur positioned next to an Espresso Martini served in a martini glass, in front of a black background



Get your Tequila Coffee kicks with new El Sueño Coffee Liqueur


El Sueño Coffee Liqueur is a crafted blend of Tequila Silver and Mexican coffee beans that have been sourced local to our distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Relish authentic coffee flavours perfectly balanced with vibrant Agave notes. All natural, all good.

Savour by itself or sip over ice as a liqueur. To up your Espresso Martini game, combine Coffee Liqueur with Tequila Gold and fresh espresso for a moorish coffee kick - check out our recipe below.

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All natural flavours

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Suitable for
vegan lifestyles

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A close up shot of the gold logo on a bottle of El Sueño Coffee Tequila Liqueur, surrounded by grey smoke


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Everyone needs this classic cocktail in their repertoire; make it extra special with El Sueño.


  • 40ml El Sueño Tequila Gold

  • 20ml El Sueño Coffee Liqueur

  • 30ml Fresh Espresso

  • 5ml Sugar Syrup

Glass & Garnish

  • Martini glass

  • Coffee beans to garnish

Mix it up

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice.

  2. Add all the ingredients.

  3. Shake until cold.

  4. Strain into a martini glass, add a couple of coffee beans and serve.

A bottle of El Sueño Coffee Tequila Liqueur is positioned amongst serving tools, including pourers, a mixing spoon and a strainer
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For creamy coffee indulgence, blend El Sueño Tequila Gold, Coffee Liqueur and Baileys with ice cream.


  • 45ml El Sueño Tequila Gold

  • 25ml El Sueño Coffee Liqueur

  • 45ml Baileys

  • 3 scoops of luxury vanilla ice cream

Glass & Garnish

  • Highball glass

  • Chocolate sauce (optional)

Mix it up

  1. Blend together the Tequila, Coffee Liqueur, Baileys and ice cream.

  2. Squeeze chocolate sauce around the inside of the highball glass.

  3. Pour the blended ingredients into the prepared glass and serve.

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